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Streamline your Sale process with Timbu Cash Register.

CashRegister offers Retail Shops a way to record transactions, record payments, generate professional receipts and manage debts with ease.

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Software designed for your business

Timbu Cash Register effortlessly handles cart additions, payment recordings, debt management, and receipt issuance, streamlining solving your key transactional challenges

Add items to Cart

Cash Register allows you to interact seamlessly with your inventory by adding items to your cart from your products listing.

Record Payment

Manage Debts

Issue Receipts

Streamline Transactions Across Store Counters with Timbu Cash Register!"

Managing and recording sales has never been easier!

Record, sell and Streamline Transations

Here’s what users think about Timbu Cash Register and we are just getting started!

4.5 out of 5 (Average Rating)

“The Timbu Cash Register app is a game-changer for my store. From quick transactions to detailed sales insights, it's become an integral part of my business since 2019. Fast, reliable, and incredibly user-friendly!"

15 may 2023

“It has revolutionized how I manage my transactions. It's not just an app; it's a financial partner. The speed and reliability are unmatched, making it an essential tool for any business owner!

25 june 2023

In a few minutes, record sale and issue receipts with Cash Register!

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