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Send invoices and estimates: 10
Send digital receipts: 10
Schedule automatic payment reminders: 10
Save and reuse custom invoice templates: 10
Marketing emails: 100 subscribers
$10 per month
Send invoices and estimates: 100
Send digital receipts: 100
Schedule automatic payment reminders: 100
Save and reuse custom invoice templates: 100
Marketing emails: 1000 subscribers
Content management system: 1 template
$40 per month
Send invoices and estimates: Unlimited
Send digital receipts: Unlimited
Schedule automatic payment reminders: Unlimited
Save and reuse custom invoice templates: Unlimited
Marketing emails: Unlimited subscribers
24/7 Customer support
Customised feature requests
Larger storage space
Content management system: Multiple templates

What Businesses say about Timbu.

Discover how Timbu is making a difference in the world of business through the words of those who have experienced its transformative impact.

Jackson Fabian

Timbu's booking engine has made managing hotel reservations a lot easier. We can organize and optimize booking processes with no issues with partner hotels and our customers.

Jackson Fabian


Alicia Garcia

With Timbu, I now focus on providing the best products and service to my customers, knowing that my business operations are in capable hands.

Alicia Garcia


Arjun Singh

Timbu's unlimited emailing service with its ability to customize templates and send bulk emails has made email marketing easy.

Arjun Singh